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Seed ID: 93819220

This rare seed will spawn you on an island with some trees, wolves, and a bit of sugar cane.

Seems like just another standard survival island, huh? Except this one also has an underwater stronghold right next to it!

There’s also two ocean monuments, one at at XYZ: 711 62 -281 and another at XYZ: 200 61 -217.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8 & 1.9 (PC/Mac).

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  1. bichouet

    This is pretty cool, and i’m still new to Minecraft, so even the smallest things seem awesome. On this seed I found this weird ancient mineshaft that isn’t completed what so ever, because it got buried by gravel and sand, it’s underwater though, so you need a potion of night vision. The coordinates are: x : 936 y: 29 z: -278

  2. Bichouet

    I found the rest of the mineshaft at x:901 y: 26 z: -399
    If you’re in survival then be careful because there are monsters.
    You also need a potion of water breathing if you want to see clearly and survive.

  3. Talkerdude

    There is another island at 824X 75Y. Hope it helps! Btw, it is NE (NorthEast.)

  4. Chris

    The portal room isn’t connected to anything else, but other fragments of the stronghold can be found under an island (including a door frame with no floor under it, where the door will drop when opened!)

  5. Chris

    The rest of the stronghold (apart from the end portal room) is disconnected from it and is under the island.

  6. bunyamin

    i found more stuff i found 7 obsidian and 4 diamonds and 18 bones and horse armor and some gold and iron armor

  7. Anthony

    I found a weird structure in the island that looks like its made of pumpkins, I found it wheal mining but if you mine it you wont be able to pick it up, can someone explain?

    The coordinates are: X=782 Y=56 Z=71

  8. Jacob

    I am somewhat new to minecraft, but i found this underwater emerald looking base ( I really have no idea what is it supposed to be, but its big)


      • ShootToTheSky

        You mean Ocean Monuments? They DO have loot, sponges and gold. I wouldn’t go there without good gear and a water breathing potion!

  9. Name

    This is the exact seed the youtuber Syndicate uses in his survival island series against his friends. Just saying.

  10. Liam Kwon

    This is the seed for the Syndicate Project’s race series… I believe that’s where this guy got the seed. Or maybe vice versa. Anyone know?

  11. Eve

    Nice map, but….
    When you go mining for a night by using a tree for tools. Next day the wolfs are gone….


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