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Seed ID: 998538147

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. so this seed must be quite popular with the ladies! It features nine diamonds inside a desert temple that is right next to where you start.

The desert temple is also quite unique because it is located in the middle of several other different biomes that are all next to each other.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

20 Responses

  1. Matt

    For me, it also spawned lava inside said temple which destroyed the chest(s) and set off the TNT before I could get to it :-/ Server version: 1.8

  2. kappafleo

    the temple is actually floated with lava.. so it’s pretty useless but the seed is nice.

  3. Brick

    This basically is just a trap. The chests are trapped and you dont get any diamonds >:(

    • Burp

      Just don’t mine the blue wool, just one of the blocks next to it. then drop sand in and dig down to the chests.

    • White fang

      pressure plate found that out about after 5 times of going BOOM! and one time in Hardcore that stunk so yea dig down on side and destroy pressure plate IMMEDTALLY also you have TNT now

  4. Alex

    There is also a skeleton spawner at cords: X: 21 Y: 62 Z: 343, not to far on where you spawn.

  5. steve

    if you survive and the temple doesnt explode there is 9 diamonds plus 2 iron thats omg

  6. TheRandomOne5050

    To not get blown up/get burned by lava, you need to know your ways around a desert temple. If you don’t then google it.

  7. Wallaceman105

    Hey You can get around the explosion if you dig down the wall instead of jumping into the pit. You just dig straight down the wall until you’re directly above one of the chests, and then you can access it and it’s counterparts with no TNT.

    • Wallaceman105

      Also, has anyone found any villages on this map? Preferably with a Blacksmith?

  8. Chris_CEC416

    Didn’t have any problem with the temple… just preparing for my first night with a bit of spruce wood from the near-by trees. Cut a spiral down around the four spaces of hole into the temple and got the chests and contents. Maybe a recent update got rid of the lava? So far I highly recommend this seed. Cows spawned all around me, but I seem to recall that animals change with each spawn.

  9. Jadeangel909

    Worlds most boring temple. Seriously! I was going around in circles how fun is that? No fun! No fair! Should win the award of being the most boring temple in minecraft. I was scared to do it but I realized it was BORANG! Seed=doesn’t count! Dont do this seed its a waste of time. D:<

  10. MACde588

    I’m not so sure about that….. I found a underground desert temple with front doors below the temple above it, just, like 77 blocks down. If you want this to happen, change the “5” in the seed with a “8”.

  11. lieke

    I like this seed pretty much! De temple has very good loot in en around there are many different biomes. Its a very nice seed!!!

  12. Opey56

    If you break the walls of the chamber with chests you will find a cave but I didn’t have a look see yet.


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