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Seed ID: -5181140359215069925

Bored of the same old desert and jungle temples? Then try out the new ocean monument temple that was added in Minecraft 1.8’s snapshot 14w25a.

This seed features two of them, close to the spawnpoint. Watch out for the new mobs around it though, they don’t mess around!

Can you defeat all the guardians inside and complete the monument? Make sure you stack up on Potions of Water Breathing and Potions of Night Vision before you try it!

Ocean Monument 1: x:130, z:-400
Ocean Monument 2: x:-200, z:-250

This seed requires Minecraft 1.8 (this was the patch they were added in).

25 Responses

    • Chuck

      It’s called axis not access… There is no such thing as a y access, or an x access. It’s called axis, y axis and x axis and there is a z axis to make it 3d… The z is also referred to as the zed axis

  1. Mary

    Great temples! I used a bunch of sponges to clear out the water inside of it so It’s like a giant house #imageek

    • Kady

      I did the same thing! Then I made some torch trails coz I kept getting lost. Now I’m drying out the water above the monument. Someday I’m gonna make a hotel out of that place, so let me know if you need a vacation spot!

  2. Bobby

    Wow, this is hard! You will need armour equal to or better than iron. Also potions are needed!

  3. nick

    the y access is 0 on both
    Ocean Monument 1: x:130, y:0, z:-400 you’ll be right on top of it

    Ocean Monument 2: x:-200, y:0, z:-250 do a 360 spin and you’ll find it

    NOTE! when if you set these as your spawn points and then kill your self you re-spawn there but make sure your in creative cause your gonna spawn in water

    this is a great seed i’m working on connecting the two temples by a underground rail system hope it works

    • Kady

      somewhere in the back of the monument there is this big 4×4 block of dark prismarine. if you mine into its center, there are like 8 diamond blocks.

    • randomderp43

      If you dig around for a while, there are four gold blocks in the center of the monument. It may take a while to mine them though, because the elder guardians inside that guard the monument give you mining fatigue. Good Luck!


  4. Jacey Abrams

    seriously one of the best seeds! i found it right away. tip:use night vision potion, it is a lot easier to get out of if you do! great seed!

  5. Opey56

    These temples are not near spawn. But this seed has a cool village though.

  6. minecraft fan

    if I use invisibility potion,can the guardian spotted me And how to kill those guardian easily.

    • Krystal

      Definitely gonna need a diamond sword. Use a ranged weapon (I dunno if bows work underwater) maybe use a fishing rod to get the guardians close then hit them with a diamond sword ?

  7. andrew

    if you use an invisibility potions, the elders wont be able to give you mining fatigue


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