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Seed ID: 8678942899319966093

Do you love riding horses? Then this is the seed for you! It will spawn you next to a village with lots of horses roaming around near it. There is a also a desert temple very close as well.

The special thing about this seed is the loot contained in the desert temple and village blacksmith. In the temple chests there are 4 Diamonds, 15 Gold Ingots, Saddle, Diamond Horse Armor, Gold Horse Armor. And in the village blacksmith there is another Diamond Horse Armor, along with 7 blocks of Obsidian, Iron Leggings & Iron Boots.

Now the only hard part is picking which horse you want to ride!

Tested in Minecraft 1.8 & 1.9.

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  1. nate

    If you continue farther into the desert and keep the major hill to your left, then you’ll eventually reach another temple right before the biome changes. The temple has lots of gold, bones, and rotten flesh as loot in it. The temple’s entrance is buried but you can walk through the top of the temple to get in.

  2. Belleza

    build a nether portal on top of the church get inside then you will find a nether fortress around 50 blocks away

  3. Spartan_Shield

    It sounds like a really nice seed, and I did indeed spawn next to the village. Yet this seed lags really hard for me, while normally my minecraft never lags unless I am loading like 4 chuncks at the same time when flying over an ocean in creative. and even than it lags a lot less than just walking trough this village. Don’t know what is up with the seeds, but I thought I should mention.

  4. sheikh

    at coordinates -279, 63, 574 theres a cave, filled with tons of loot: you can find up to 18 diamonds, 20+gold ore, 64+ lapis lazuli and redstone ( when mined with iron pickaxe ), 64++ iron ore, and 64+++ coal, but no emeralds :I but, its a very good seed.

    the map also includes sugarcane, so making books are an easy thing.

  5. Ryuk

    To answer your question on why your lag is probably because of the horses. Since your spawn point is always “active” no matter how far away you go from it all the mobs moving, the village, etc PLUS where ever you go are always going to be running.

    So this seed is actually pretty decent. A village and temple off the start and 2 other temples not too far away. Here is the loot if loot them all:

    -Gold x46
    -Iron x18
    -Diamond x4
    -Gold horse armor x3
    -Diamond horse armor x2
    -Iron leggings
    -Iron Boots
    -Saddle x2
    -Obsidian x7


    (-144, 272)
    (144, 192)
    (-144, 560)

    (-144, 560)

    (-560, 592)

    All credit goes to the person finding the seed and Amidst creators.

  6. Enreck

    On the other side of the desert past the second temple are two more villages ( 43, 739 and. -134, 832) One village has a cave that, if explored compleatly with minimal mining, reveals a place where two chasms of lava intersect. One contains a mine shaft with some diamonds on the wall. its right under the village so be careful mining down.

    another desert temple at 138, 1400 and yet another village at 72 1086.

    Very cool seed. Lots of fun for a group of friends who like to claim a village and still stay close together.

  7. Unknown

    This seed actually has like 6 villages plus, their not too far from spawn. I also found 2 temples. This seed is really good.

  8. simple sammy

    Aside from the endless variety of nearby horses, and all of the great loot in the village and temple, there is a very nice cave system directly beneath the temple a few blocks up from bedrock. I went (in survival) to check out the village and temple, and did my normal check beneath the temple and found the system. Haven’t even slept since spawn and already have 18 diamonds, a near full stack of gold, and a ton of everything else I need foor a super-solid start. Thanks!

  9. I will not tell you

    Dig a spiral under the bar-hanging-off-a-cliff down to y=10, dig around, and you should find a cave. Haven’t explored yet…

  10. Chris

    Horses vary widely in speed; and if you’re in multiplayer, you can always organize a horse race, and hopefully find lots of people to bet on it.

  11. Recto

    Great About This Seed There A Sand Village Near By. Heading Negative z (North)

  12. Ryo Stonewell

    this one sounds awesome. however, I’m looking for something at least similar, only with much food mobs and few monsters for an easy easy mode survival noob such as myself, lol.

    • Enric

      There is a lot of food in this one because the town has lots of farms, plus you find a lot of cows, pigs and sheeps around and you can even fish in the river.

      If you put a few torches you can turn the temple into your refugee.

      So it can be really good for noobs.

    • paulvanginkel

      Under the floor. You will find a blue block of hardend clay. Dig 2 blocks bake in any diretion (exept diagnoly).

  13. sam

    there is another temple at (-142 75 578)
    the chests contain:
    12 Gold Ingots
    18 Iron Ingots
    25 bones
    2 gold horse armors
    1 saddle
    3 Rotten flesh

    Village at (84 62 731)
    with blacksmith

  14. diamondman

    This seed is, like, AMAZING!! Also I found a jungle temple at x 18 y 662 z 546. What is really weird is that biome is the taiga, not the jungle!

  15. deathbot19

    everything worked fine but there was no loot in the first temple that i could find, where in the temple did you guys get the loot

    • Marlaina

      The loot chests can be found by digging through the floor, though be careful. I would suggest starting at the first colored block that you see (closest to the door) mine away two blocks, the colored one, and the one below it, you will see a hole that is carved out beneath the floor. Avoid the middle, there is a pressure plate in the center, DON’T GO NEAR IT. Infact, you should destroy it as soon as possible, it will trigger TNT and blow you up, along with the chests. I would suggest creating a staircase as you lower yourself to the bottom along the wall, that’s safest, also there is no light, so bring a torch.
      Good luck! 🙂

  16. e

    theres a desert temple at (130, 1403) and if you dig directly down below the pressure plate it opens right into a mineshaft

  17. LadyOfFire

    Okay so here’s all the things I’ve been to

    -220x, 313z (most likely spawn here)
    72x, 1086z
    43x, 739z
    -134x, 832z (has a large cave near it. Don’t need to dig to find it just walk around the village)
    -144x, 560z (village and temple)

    -144x, 272z
    144x, 192z
    138x, 1400z

    There’s another large cave at: -279x, 574z
    There’s a mesa biome at: 194x, 305z
    There’s a stronghold and dark oak wood forest at: -560x, 592z

    (I’ve recapped the above comments in to one so I don’t take any credit for these except the mesa. I hope you enjoy this seed, it’s really cool!)

  18. energylad

    Does this seed evaluate out the same way in 1.8.4 or 1.8.6? I tried it and I’m not finding the same things at the coordinates given here.

  19. danny1

    And also, if you are at the top of the desert temple and then travel east, you will end up at a Mesa terrain and to the north of that is another desert temple with: 19 gold, 39 bones and 30 rotten flesh

  20. ML

    I have gone to two temples and have not found any loot of any sort, the temples are empty and there are no chests. I do not know if I am doing something wrong.

    • asterbunny

      Find the blue block. Mine it and it opens up an underground room with chests. Be careful, there’s a pressure plate that will activate TNT, blowing up you and the loot.

  21. KawaiiKid

    This seed is perfect. There is another desert temple farther in the desert, a couple of resourceful caves in the desert, and a mesa past the desert. Thanks!!

  22. JR

    If you just take away the last number in its seed you will end up in another seed which i call sandstone hills. You see hills made up of different color sandstone except regular sandstone. There is also horses and sunflower field if you follow the divide you spawn on between a grassland and desert to the right if u keep the hills on your left.

  23. EnderGamerGirl [YT]

    I LUV HORSES! I will definitely advertise this seed when I do my videos! This seed is uh-mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Terry McGinnis

    Does anyone know if there’s a mushroom island nearby? I like to have my home there so I never come up to find a creeper.

    • Cass

      If you head towards the swamp biome, you should see some horses nearby there.

    • Shakey

      Me too, sheep everywhere. I also did not get the kind of loot people are saying they got in the temple and blacksmith chest. I did find 2 horses not too far from spawn, though, so it’s worth looking around. Those were the only two I found, but it’s better than nothing!

      It’s a great seed, lots of biomes closeby.

      • Marlaina

        Thanks for the info, I’ll keep looking! 🙂

  25. steelwolf

    Tested it today after the release of 1.9, everything seems good except there were NO horses in the area. Only a ton of sheep.

  26. Unknown

    This seed is the best on 1.9 it has all together from the temple and the village you get 2 enchanting books, 1 gold bar, 7 iron ingots, 3 emeralds to trade with, and 4 DIAMONDS, also if you head far enough behind the temple you find a MESA! Its pretty cool. Oh and if you go into gamemode 3 under the mesa a mineshaft and if you navigate the maze you should find a chest with a golden apple in it as well as other things.

  27. Emors

    at -269 35 402 there is a zombie spawner with a lot of loot, including a name tag for the horse

  28. He who shall not be named

    Apparently in 1.9 the horses were removed and replaced with sheep. also the blacksmiht’s hut no longer has obsidian in it. just a fair warning for y’all

  29. Astrid Beith Clausen

    I just tested this in 1.16.5 and i got a sand villige near a lavine, where there was 20+ pieces of iron and 5+ diamonds, in the blacksmith there was 1 iron chestplate 3 pieces of gold and a saddle.

    the cords are: -194 68 -370


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