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Seed ID: -1422841735187786090

If you’re after something a bit different, in this seed you will find several witch huts, desert temples, mushroom biomes and much more. There’s a bit of traveling needed from the spawn point, but it’s defiantly worth exploring.

Check out the coordinates below to explore these fun areas.

Witches Hut #1 – x: 235 y: 100 z: 371
Witches Hut #2 – x: 0 y: 98 z: -416
Witches Hut #3 – x: 800 y: 98 z: 320
Desert Temple #1 – x: 172 y: 100 z: 709
Desert Temple #2 – x: -336 y: 98 z: 816
Desert Temple #3 – x: -416 y: 69 z: 1216
NPC Village – x: 342 y: 98 z: 809
Mushroom Biome – x : -214 y: 95 z: 2195
Stronghold – x: 273 y: 33 z: 1099
Abandoned Mineshaft – X: 175 Y: 20 Z: 345

9 Responses

    • Fuzzybat23

      There’s an abandoned mine shaft under the library in the stronghold. There’s like.. 2 or 3 spider spawners down there, also.

  1. d

    3rd Abandoned Mineshaft underneath the Mooshroom Biome island. If you go to the island with grass and the lone huge mushroom, face the Mooshroom island, and look into the ocean, you will see a light where the mine is. You can either dig down into from the Mooshroom island or swim to it in the ocean.

    y: 40
    x: 2297

  2. db (pe/pc)

    mushroom biome. another way to find one, if you spawn on an island and swim away for miles youre bound to find one i did it twice 🙂 still awesome seed though, awesome fun

  3. 13th

    At the village, the smith’s house has 2 diamonds and 4 obsidian.

    • me

      If there is a library, that would give you everything you need for enchanting (except lapis).

  4. Muffins

    I accidentally left off the 2 in -214 trying to get to the mushroom biome and ended up on a pretty cool island; it’s split entirely down the middle by a ravine with a lavafall and a dungeon with a zombie spawn and a chest in the corner.

    -14 95 2195

  5. Jodie

    Great seed!
    if you dig underneath the village with the blacksmith who has six diamonds and obsidian, you will find even more diamond (about 6)

  6. Amanda

    I also followed the Coordinates but I could figure them out well. I found X: 273 and Y: 33 but I couldn’t find Z:1099


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