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Seed ID: -5848233860306411058

Missing the winter snow and festive time? Well here is an iced over lake set in the middle of your winter wonderland.

Surrounded by a vast area of snowed land and scenic twisting rivers, this seed is sure to make you grab those warm winter clothes whilst exploring this map!

Ice Lake Location:
X: 266
Y: 79
Z: 125

5 Responses

    • Rose

      I had the same issue. It was a simple mtikase. If you are copying the entire line (like I did) Then you will have a space at the start of the command line. This space needs to be removed for it to work correctly. This is due to Linux sensitivity.

  1. Shimmer

    Thanks to much for this seed! I have been looking for a winter world XD

  2. frozenperson

    i used this seed in 1.8.8 verson and you spawn right next to a jungle temple! ive discovered a new seed for 1.8.8! this seed in 1.8.8 you spawn right next to a jungle temple!

  3. frozenperson

    and the loot is almost as cool to
    it contains
    10 iron ingots
    9 gold ingots
    11 bones


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