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Seed ID: -8490482450382478731

It’s time to push your survival skills to the limit, with these awesome small remote survival islands.

The first island that you will initially spawn on features a single tree and sugar cane. The second island is slightly larger, and features three trees.

Can you survive the perils of the lonely islands, or will they become your final resting place? Find out for yourself!

This seed works for Minecraft version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8.

The islands will change a bit in Minecraft 1.7 & 1.8.

Seed: -8490482450382478731

25 Responses

  1. RyanThyAwesome

    wow! great island, using this alot, very fun! thanks for the seed!

  2. steveisboring

    A neat little island with some surprises. It’s actually a little rewarding when things begin to come together.

    I would have preferred a seed with ten + little islands, or even a seed made up entirely of multiple islands and mostly ocean, but this will do until such a seed is discovered.

    • DrFog

      If you fly up, you see both below you. I made a floating bridge to join them together.

  3. gnik2120

    Soo! awesome I found like 18 diamonds when you spawn intheres a cave that leads to abandoned mineshaft!

  4. BlindSmurfHD

    there’s no animals for recent versions of minecraft as I tested it with 1.7.9

  5. nathan

    This seed works great on ps3.

    It created 2 small islands and 2 large islands that were both mushroom biomes

  6. ~Egp~

    Great find but I was looking for one that was 1.7.9. If you were then here you go credit to this for the seed but you spawn on a different island since this was on 1.7.9.
    When you spawn on the island you will see five trees and five sugarcane.

    Seed: 8490482450382478731

    Remember credit credit to the person who posted The Lonely Islands seed.
    All I did was Try it on 1.7.9. Its basically not the same seed.

  7. CVStunein

    I have once found something like this!
    Except it was the spawn on an Island and water infinitely around it
    No Seed
    I just went to the superflat style and changed it to the water type

    Super survival islands
    Totally recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kayana

    In 1.8 you have islands scattered, the island you spawn on is not terribly large but isnt small or lacking of resources either, rabbits spawn there too. However, if you look into the ocean on the south eastern side, you can see an Ocean Monument! How’s that for rewarding? Good seed indeed.

    • ChaseP

      In 1.8 if you travel west as well, you can find a second ocean monument! two are really close to the spawn island!

      • Stacey

        No way! I didn’t know there was a second! I think its time for me to venture out, there’s not a lot of ore on the spawn island.

  9. Jake

    Used on 1.8, works great, spawned me on an island with a lot of trees, 2 more islands to left of spawn and behind spawn. Also found a sea Temple as well

  10. Reece

    Awesome seed I found the Guardian Temple and end portal right near spawn on 1.8 5 STAR Rating


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