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Seed ID: -671258039

Tired of spending all day mining dirt, with little to no reward? Then check out this epic minecraft seed, that will make you rich with minimal effort. The village in this seed must have pretty been busy, because inside their blacksmith is a chest, with a total of 9 diamonds inside!

That’s not the only cool thing about this seed though, as it also has a Desert Temple right next to the village. Time to call Indiana Jones again!

Village coordinates: x:-386 y:65 z:302

This seed works for minecraft version: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5.

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  1. Gawow2

    This seed is sick I tried it and it works great thanks so much

  2. crazylilrocker

    This seed is fantastic!! I started with 15 diamonds 😀 Time to explore the caves!

  3. kagome

    i found 15 diamond (6 temple, 9 village) and 3 emerald in temple this place is RICH!!!

    • Kael

      This seed is rich! I agree with you! And when I went mining under the village, I fond 96 iron ingots in a chest in a dungeon!

  4. wanderer

    Still works for 1.6!

    Spawn in a Jungle (haven’t found a jungle temple yet)
    Desert is right in front of you and the village and temple are to the right. There are no longer diamonds but some substantial horse loot (diamond horse armor!) and some obsidian. There are also exposed (sunken sand) mob spawn dungeons, a zombie and a skeleton one, also with decent loot and the skeleton one is above a mine shaft.

    [all cords are in (x, y, z) order]
    Desert Village: -377.5, 67, 309.5
    Desert Temple: -390, 68, 234
    Zombie Spawn: -194.3, 62, 242.4
    Skeleton Spawn: -272.4, 65, 266.7

    After a lot of exploring there is another village/temple duo in another desert. Village doesn’t have much but the temple is nice.
    Village: -742, 67, 248
    Temple: -805.7, 65, 266.5

  5. Zerokillerx1

    if you put this seed in 1.6.2, go right and you will find a ground level spawner sinked into the sand. not hard to miss. contains. iron, sting, iron horse armor, and a disc.

  6. powerboybro

    its epic, it has a double chest (in a dungeon) and a village near temple!!! so good!

  7. the minecraftian

    i started with a total of 15 diamonds. and i also found an enchanted diamond pick in the chest in the temple. it has fortune 3, efficiency 3, and unbreaking 3. i guess i lucked out 😀

  8. The smitet

    Very very difficult on hardcore if you want to save your villagers. First night I got destroyed.

  9. Yeknom123

    This didn’t work in current version… There was a cave with over 100 iron ore though and I spawned right near it!

  10. NaomiRin

    On version 1.7.10, this seed generates an awesome ice land with pillars of ice at
    x: 119
    y: 72
    z: 428

  11. Fireswarm688

    I found 2 temples, 2 villages, and a jungle temple, with a total of 50 FREAKIN DIAMONDS!!!! Using this seed, I got farther than I ever had with mining, even WITH MODS!!!

  12. BAM Gamers

    DUDE i spawned right next to the village and i dug strait down (as soon as i spawned in),
    and i found DIAMOND ORE. Thx for that LOAD of Diamonds
    Diamonds in total: 20
    1-10 rating: 100

  13. Ani

    This was so great! I am new to minecraft and this seed was so helpful!

  14. MackkyGames

    the seed is awesome and I will tell you why!I didn’t read the full desc and found out the seed was only upto 1.5!

    But the village is still there, its not a deset village but its there! The temple has gone though!

    Just use the same coords, x:-386 y:65 z:302 and then you will be in a cave tp yourself like this /tp @a ~ ~15 ~ and you will be there but no diamonds but good stuff like iron armour!

  15. Ab008

    I found a ice spikes biome well looking for the village in 1.7.10! x:308 y:71 z:445

  16. ezio auditore

    this sorta works with xbox360 the temple was there then i had to fly across the sand for 3 villages in 1


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