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Seed ID: -1480351183376464763

While looking for seeds today, I stumbled upon a somewhat rare yet interesting one. This seed spawns you next to a single house, with only one villager, the librarian.

What happened to the rest of the villagers? Who knows…

There’s also some horses near the house as well.

Tested in Minecraft 1.9, 1.8 & 1.7 (PC/Mac).
(In 1.7 there’s no horses, but plenty of sheeps, pigs & cows.)

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  1. Taz101

    I actually really liked it! I used the house as my base and got the materials and expanded it. Nice seed 🙂

  2. bob

    its a very cool survival seed because you have a base right at the start

  3. Lucas

    this is so cool me and my villager friend surviving together forever xD

  4. Alv V

    In 1.8+ there’s spawn next to single NPC with library, pays emeralds for paper, with little farm, a well, single house on grassland, with horse , with zombie spawn nearby having two saddles and two horse armors, cow, pig, sheep, chicken, sugarcane etc.

  5. MACde588

    I don’t get how there is only 1 house. I took it anyway and forced the NPC into a room that is 2 blocks high. I break a block when I want to trade. Speaking of trades, the villager’s first offer is 1 wheat for 2 enchanted books, one with Sharpness and the other with Knockback. Good seed if you have an anvil and a ton of XP.

    • PakariRBX

      Actually, the villager Librarian I met had different offers. The trade offers seem to be randomly generated, even if the villager itself is not.

  6. MCRedstone36

    Very Intresting 😐
    What could of happened to the rest of the villagers?

  7. Parthalan

    Something has apparently changed. When I loaded this seed I spawned in a forest on top of a mountain. After filling in the map I could not find any buildings or villagers. Not even the librarian.
    The North West corner was oceanic. The Northeast was forested Winter. The bottom half was Mountainous Forest.

  8. Waryur

    my friends and i use this seed for our server and its going really well im building my house into the mountain biome near the village

  9. Dude

    There’s also an abandoned mine near the house. Face the well with the library building on your right, and go in the direction straight and a bit left until you see a small canyon. Follow the cave in that until you come across the mine.

  10. Elf

    I like this seed. I’m using it to build my own little village. The librarian is the whole base and then I built the rest of the houses.

  11. Shadow

    I have a theory of the villagers going but one:
    The villager is a cannibal and they left to a abandoned sandstone village east keep on going an you are there LOL

  12. Shadow

    keep on going until you come across a swamp with loads of ravines then you will find a savanna keep on going when you find the desert head east and you will find it

  13. BearyMan

    Great Seed! Spawn is right between several different biomes. Also there actually is a village you just gotta explore.

  14. ARP64

    This is so cool! In 1.9 there’s a desert well right next to the Villager well. Right now I’m making a story line to why there are no other villagers

  15. Cerys the minecraft slayer

    its a very nice seed i like it i give it a 1 kabillion out of 10


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