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Seed ID: 2784386679562896341

This seed will spawn you inside an NPC village, and there will also be a second village not too far away as well.

That’s not all this seed has to offer though, as there is also a Jungle Temple close by to explore.

Second village coordinates:
x: 73 z: 58

Jungle temple coordinates:
x: -168 z: 53

This seed works for minecraft version: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 – In 1.2, only the villages spawn.

21 Responses

  1. Messed

    Thats wrong, its only a double NPC village if there are two wells, I don’t see two wells in the picture.

  2. kylewes0

    Theres also a surface dungeon at X-40 and Z260, which isn’t far from the spawn.

  3. Lol

    I like the seed, only the two villages are seperate. And I can’t seem to find the jungle temple.
    And I have 1.5!

  4. Fluropanda

    This is a great seed ive got a house built by the jungle temple and i took some crops from the villages (carrots + potatoes). Also found a lot of coal early on so that was nice.

  5. Kia

    Uhm… Totally didn’t work. Just saying.
    I only got one village, and no jungle temple.
    BUT this gave me a great amount of epic caves, so thank you 😀

  6. chunkster

    kewcrew— if you set the map style as Default, you should spawn in the first village. (It did for me, I’m using Minecraft version 1.6.1)

  7. chunkster

    anyway, the co-ordinates of the first village are

    x: -150
    y: 76

    note the negative sign

  8. crossie

    I found the temple it’s behind the village right where jungle starts (walk to church, walk over small hill and straight straight till you come to jungle.), Village next to spawn -160.48, 290.81, 71,68 and second village it 76.2, 41.47, 97.00 (walk to the temple turn right and go straight or if you are in other village walk to the temple and turn left)

  9. Cerated

    Zombie spawner with 2 chests at X-30 Y20 Z95. Dig down to that you will be in the corner. Very close to villages.

  10. Bunns1112

    Seed is great! Couldn’t find the village for a while but got a lot of good stuff from the temple!!!!!

  11. Tayzorz

    I only think the villages are the most helpful thing for me. I need a village seed for my mod pack that includes MCA (Minecraft comes alive) It’s a great mod, check it out!


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