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Seed ID: 85490543201

Winter is coming! This seed will spawn you inside the rare Ice Plains Spikes biome. There’s lots of large icespikes, a river running through it and a snowy mountain.

There’s also an Ocean Monument at XYZ: -344 / 56 / 631.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

9 Responses

  1. apollo

    Throwing yourself off one will. But they don’t act like cactus if that’s what your asking

  2. Greedydash

    WOW i never even new this biome existed…. it seems very cool though…and extremely rare.

  3. Faye_The_Cat

    Wow.. this really caught my eye! its really truly cool! well this kinda looks like a player made it but even if it was its still cool!


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