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Seed ID: -2720452978534480844

When you first spawn in the world, you will be very close to a really cool mountain in the jungle, which I think would make an awesome base for anyone. But scenic views aren’t for everyone, so for those of you who like epic loot, then this seed is perfect for you too! There are three desert temples, and one jungle temple close to the spawn.

The closest desert temple has four diamonds, and fifteen gold ingots inside the temple chest. The second desert temple has two diamonds and seven gold ingots. The third desert temple has five gold ingots, two iron ingots and an enchantment book. And lastly, the jungle temple contains a chest with three more diamonds, making a total of nine diamonds available to any daring adventurers willing to find them!

This seed only works for Minecraft version: 1.4 & 1.5.

Desert temple #1: x: -373 z: 378

Desert temple #2: x: -694 z: -133

Desert temple #3: x: -485 z: 602

Jungle temple: x: -730 z: 614

43 Responses

    • Teeg's

      Sand Temple #1 and #3 are close, but sand temple #2 is hard to find (At least for me)

  1. chakarocks

    if you blow up the third desert temple there is a ravine and a dungeon connected to it

    • Juil8991MC

      I found a mineshaft somewhere in the caves in the ravine, but i cant find the dungeon connected to it.

  2. Gregoryl09

    This map is amazing. Under the desert with the three temples in it is a huge maze of mineshafts at levels 12 to 15. There is a dungeon attached and there are huge deposits of diamonds, gold, and iron everywhere!!! This is the best map I have ever seen!

  3. Gregoryl09

    Another noteworthy set of coordinates: Mushroom Island is at 8518, 69, 6941.

    • Xomyth

      yes very close to spawn, only 14,000 blocks away from spawn including swimming in water for ages

  4. Smartcookiez

    Ok, I went to all four temples, and although they are at the coordinates mentioned, I did not find the same treasures.

    At desert temple #1 I found 4 emeralds, a diamond and a gold horse armor, 36 bones, 6 rotten flesh, and 14 iron. (It is the best one out of the four.)

    Desert temple #2 had a diamond horse armor, 10 bones, 22 rotten flesh, 12 iron, and 14 gold.

    Desert temple #3 there were 2 enchanted books (flame 1 and smite 4), a diamond horse armor, 12 bones, 22 rotten flesh, 5 iron, and 8 gold.

    The jungle temple had 10 gold in it.

    The third one does have a ravine under it, but I did not search for the dungeon, but I’m assuming its there somewhere… Hope this helps πŸ™‚ and I think I have version 1.6 not 1.6.2….

    • BoyGamerOG

      You’re not going to find the exact same treasures. If you have IOS you will definitely
      find the same treasures. But I’m not sure about android. I hope I helped. πŸ™‚

  5. Smartcookiez

    Also in my version where the dungeon is, I have an abandoned mine shaft if you dig straight down about 40 block. But unless you really need iron, there’s not anything else. Oh and two pumpkin seeds.

    Also I did not see the village, just swamp mushrooms and cows… But there’s got to be one somewhere πŸ™‚

  6. kadir

    I found 6 diamonds, 6 emeralds, 43 gold ingots, 12 Δ±ron ingots, 1 enchanted book

    • Awesomeminecrafter

      I found a total of 58! diamonds, approx. 129! gold ore, 28! iron ore, 19 emerald, and 9 enchanted books on this map so far. this world rocks.

  7. Leander

    dungeon at
    x: -633
    y: 64
    z: 102
    (its hidden in a corner at the edge of a sandstone/sand hill)

  8. Leander

    dungeon at
    (really near the other dungeon at x: -633 y: 64 z: 102)

  9. Leander

    in the crater:
    a cave spider spawner surrounded with cobwebs:

    x: -372
    y: 27
    z: 666

  10. kristinemarie

    There is a village near the third temple at
    x: -806
    z: -220

    my version is 1.5.2

  11. mataroki

    I never found the jungle temple. in fact where the jungle temple was supposed to be, there was no jungle period, just clay mountains.However, the desert temples were correct, and after wandering off to explore, I found an awesome village at x: -1187 Z:564
    There is a library, a priest, a smith, and a butcher villager here, and its a village on water, so the houses are double the height they normally are, so mobs cant get to the villagers to kill them all. This, combined with the 4 crop plants in the village (wheat,carrot,potatoes)make it a good choice for a home base. Plus there was a chest here with 6 obsidian,2 diamond, an emerald, and a couple other odds and ends. The biome is plains, so horses are around, and therers large mountain biomes close by full of cave systems. My game wasnt loading right so it spawned the dungeons before it made the ground in between, and the clay mountains nearby have a large mineshaft down below, and theres more to be found nearby. I haven’t made it down there yet to see whats inside of them, but hey, I think I gave enough to make this suitable huh?

    • Turtle boy

      Versions 1.4 and 1.5 Those are the versions you need for this seed. Did you use those?

  12. jotunheiny

    hidden desert temple!!! underground, under the sand oh my god

    x: -725
    z: 618

    I was on the quest of looking for the jungle temple, but i couldnt find it anywhere! The coordinates x:-730 z:614 left me in the desert, i got so confused. My little sister insisted that I dig underground, and I suddenly found myself in a hidden desert temple!! Minecraft version 1.7.2

  13. Hamish

    Why are some of the temples not there for me while some are?
    #1 and #3 are there but #2 and #4 aren’t.

  14. Pg

    Hey guys another desert temple filled with loot at:
    X: 760
    Z: 227

    Also help finding temple 2 in the desert? It seems to be under mountains idk

  15. Bell

    I found a cave under the jungle temple but when i went down it a cave spider killed me and i respawned in the jungle temple and the chest was refilled

  16. thoben

    I’ve played this seed in the last couple of weeks. It is in every way one of the best seed I’ve played.

    I have found 7 Desert temple’s 5 Villager and 3 Desert well’s and more

    For the sake of others who want to play this seed. I will not release the location of the places I have found. However, I can say that most can be found by reading what others have written.


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