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Seed ID: -9057352651117540831

This fantastic seed spawns you in a basic plain area, but upon exploring further you’ll reach a series of ravines.

There you will find a stronghold with its very own library, mineshaft, a vast network of corridors, and its own portal room. On top of that, there is also 15 diamonds in clear view inside the ravine.

The seed was found by Panzi_Master (reddit).

This seed works for minecraft version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

22 Responses

  1. Seth

    good seed some interesting sights good amount of animals only a couple differnt biomes but a really good plains
    threes also a spider dungeon at

    X: 795
    Y: 37
    Z: 629

  2. Pravoka

    This seed is AWESOME, lots of resources, in only one place! I have to use the mine tracks and a furnace powered car to take all the loot to surface…Just awesome…
    In second smaller ravine near the big one, is a exposed inner “garden” with a water
    fountain and a second full library, lots of chest too…

  3. aidan

    walked through and found 15 diamonds and a set of iron armor lacking the helmet but it made it up in tools

    • Para

      If you go straight towards the area filled with birch trees, you’ll see a giant crack in the land with water and lava.

  4. killerking00

    thanks for the seed. i am going to make a survival series called “Not to many mods”.

  5. Ryan

    There’s more development in a chasm not far at all from the player spawn. Also, anyone else find themselves by a strong urge to repair it?

  6. N

    The main ravine is in the following location

    This is of course a rough position but have fun with it. P.S. WATCH YOUR STEP and BRING TORCHES.

    This is a great seed, have fun

  7. Jordangirl90

    I already used that one. That’s the one with the end portal duh! The library is pretty cool though!

  8. Syuhada'

    If you want to open the end or ender portal, you need 12 eye of ender.I have actually opened it.


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