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Seed ID: 3736255817155530355

This seed features an enormous epic looking mountain. There’s waterfalls, lava, floating islands, horses, cows, sheep and even a couple of pumpkins thrown in just for good measure.

If you’re feeling a bit lonely you can also visit a village that is close by as well.

This would make a perfect base for any wondering adventurer (or evil villain).

Tested in Minecraft 1.7  & 1.8.

24 Responses

  1. Wonky World

    This seed takes a long time to load the landscape. I mean a LONG time, just warning.

  2. AnimeLover88

    I want to use this seed for a Minecraft video for YouTube but just can’t find the village, it’s seriously ticking me off. Do you have the coordinates?

    • RosuNeko

      The coordinates for the village are as follows…

      There is a village in the desert biome

      • SBird

        I found another village at these coordinates:

        X (1021)
        Y (70)
        Z (-187)

      • Arthophia

        It seems to rain alot in this seed. About every 5 minutes it starts to pour.Is this a bug or is it just my world?

      • I love r5

        thank you so much at first I thought there was no village

      • Silversoul

        I found another mountain near this village

        Very awesome seed, and no to hard to find horses!

    • audreylynne

      There is also another big savanna village in walking distance at 484, 69, 161! I love this seed. I connected the two villages underground by rail and I have already found 3 mine shafts, a handful of spawners, and naturally occurring emeralds while digging under the extreme hills biome. Check it out!!

  3. Shona

    loves it. Cool mountain the village is pretty kind, i got a saddle before i got a bed!

  4. MACde588

    AMAZING seed!! Does anyone know if there is a temple nearby? I am in need of rare items.

  5. Arthophia

    There is also a good ravine for Granite,Andesite and Diorite near spawn.

    Coords for ravine are:
    (these are rough coords(so it might not be in that exact spot),but when you are there you for sure will see it.

  6. twjolson

    The screenshots do not do the scale of this mountain justice. Epic, just epic.

  7. Opey56

    Am I the only one nervous about the evil villain part of the dialogue. Anyway, I am seriosly considering trying to use this seed for a server.

  8. White fang

    I know 3 easy ways to find the village you could stand on top of the mountain at night and look for lights (torches for villagers because they don’t want to die) or use a map and look for strange creation or just fly around until you find a village (I do that on the pocket edition hasn’t failed yet!)


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