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Seed ID: -7955155822622757578

This seed features a Desert Temple built right next to a village. Combining the two really makes this feel more like a city than a village.

One of the buildings in the village is even taller than the temple. I think someone is going to have a nasty shock when they walk out of the door of it though!

Interestingly, not all of the buildings are made out of sand. Two of them and part of the well are made of Cobblestone.

The blacksmith chest has an Iron Pickaxe & a few Iron Ingots. The desert temple chests have quite a decent variety of loot, including 5 Emeralds.

Tested in Minecraft 1.10 (PC/Mac).

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    • Freeman

      I found three villages in this seed. One is at -240, 72, 70 (no blacksmith) with another temple nearby at -437, 64, 266 (top quality loot). The other village is at -210, 65, -375 (also without blacksmith).

    • Cheese

      Yeah, there are actually 3 villages in this seed. One of them stretches over the ocean a little bit too!

  1. Lukas

    Great Seed.

    But I haven’t found a jungle biome yet… 🙁

    Can someone help me there, would be awesome

  2. Charlotte

    there’s a desert temple at X -425 Y 65 Z 266 that has a notch apple, 3 diamonds, 1 emerald, 1 saddle, 3 iron ingots, a Power VI book, a Fire Protection III book and a bunch of mob drops. it’s far away but worth it

  3. Ryan

    If you explore the whole desert there is 1 more desert temple and 2 more villages

  4. Jimbo Jones

    There are actually three villages. The second is west from the one near spawn. The third is north from the second. They don’t have blacksmiths though.

  5. muted

    theres more then two in walking distance from the start plus another temple and and city on the way to stronghold. fun seed

  6. kayleigh

    Theres also a mineshaft, I’ve so far found 16 emeralds inside it!! 1755, 22, -274. dig down!!

  7. kayleigh

    lots of emeralds on this map. Played creative so i could fly and found 32 so far

  8. ObsidianObserver

    I dont really like the first temple so i searched for another one, which have some very cool loots. Coord: -424 65 266


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