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Seed ID: 3366408241916580461

Looking for a real survival challenge? Then try your hand at surviving on this empty island with only grass, sand and some gravel.

Only the surrounding squids will keep you company here.

There’s also an Ocean Monument nearby at 168 61 232, as well as some other small islands.

Tested in Minecraft 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 (PC/Mac).
There is no Ocean Monument in 1.7.

9 Responses

  1. Noah1178

    I traveled west from the island, and I found some pretty epic mountains at -242, 99, -95 on the mainland.

    • Rivengeful

      I personally have to add that the extreme hills biome around X:-239, Z:-184 are full of chickens and you might find some sheep cows or pigs. And since it’s extreme hills, it’s full of coal and spruce/oak trees on its surface, thus you can easily start crafting weaponry as well as tools, probably even a tiny hut to keep monsters away. In the taiga biome nearby, X:-366, Z:-280 there is a pack of wolves which can be tamed. Just a tad bit northern of the taiga there is a swamp with a Witch Hut, coordinates X:-442, Z:-363. I definitely love this seed as well as the potential it has (who knows what else one could find?), however the mainland is hard to survive for the first few days with all those monsters and steep terrain, while the spawn island is quite far, X:5, Z:71.

  2. Tux1

    What is the point of spawning here? Without wood, you can’t do 99.99999% of the things in survival.

  3. Lex

    Love this map. Lots of islands, all separated by a large body of water.Makes for a more unique way to play.

  4. Purple Twin

    The picture made that island look like trees, but I started a lets play on it anyways… 😀

  5. Kobin

    so i built a “bridge” form dirt, like 64×4 blocks, and i found a massive island. I still have to explore but you can check it out. as you look at the picture of the island I built to the left, by the gravel.


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