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Seed ID: 5345676733555774

If you’ve ever wanted your own cattle farm, then this is the seed to use! You will spawn right next to an NPC village, with a lot of cows nearby. The village has also been built on what looks to be a huge underground cavern, perfect if you’re ever planning to become batman one day!

This seed works for minecraft version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

8 Responses

    • Patty_boy

      I think it’s cool because its hard to find cows for your bookshelves for enchanting

  1. sherlock_avenger_sharpie_freak

    Can’t wait to use this seed for meh server! 🙂

  2. DragonpokeZ

    If you play on 1.6.2 there will also be some horses 😀

    PS: Near the horses is a hole which leds to a cave and also some Sugar Cane 😀 Best Seed Ever Guys!


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