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Seed ID: -9065479248748140566

A fabulous seed which starts on the borders of the hills and the desert.

You will spawn close to five different villages and two desert temples, which leaves you with plenty of opportunities for exploring and looting all the resources you could ever possibly want.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

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  1. Cami20

    If you dig far enough near one of the temples, theres a line of 4 or more abandoned mine shafts with a ton of diamond right on the sides! Definitely worth checking out.

  2. Tomigashi

    to anyone who is wondering

    (-424 x, 88 z) *temple is in sight from this village*
    (109 x, 125 z) *very large*
    (69 x, 589 z)

    (21 x, 355 z)

    only could find three in a close radius though.

  3. beast_guy09746

    Desert Village: x -433 y 92
    Desert Village: x -629 y -151
    Desert Village: x -523 y -247
    Village: x -660 y 27
    Village: x 117 y 117
    Desert Temple: x -501 y 91
    Desert Temple: x -660 y -165
    Desert Temple: x -357 y -212
    Desert Temple: x 9 y 362

  4. Sedeena

    Wow, this IS a good seed. First one I’ve seen that has this many towns so close together. Great for roleplaying!

  5. Lilith

    I’ve only found two villiages so far. Does anyone have the coordinates? The two I’ve found are at ~75, 70, 575 and ~90, 70, 110

    I’ve also found three desert temples, though I don’t remember all of their coordinates.

  6. Ryuk

    So going through this one and using Amidst it’s actually not too bad of a seed. Some of things I use to quickly judge a seed: amount of diamonds from spawn, if village has a farmer of some sort and how close to Stronghold. That said it’s a decent seed. If you hit all the temples and villages below, you get the following:

    -Diamond horse armor x1
    -Iron horse armor x1
    -Obsidion x6
    -Saddle x2
    -Gold x115
    -Iron x38
    -Diamond x2
    -Emerald x4


    Temples –
    (-368, -224)
    (-656, -160) (temple and village together)
    (-512, 80)

    (-512, -256)
    (-656, -160)
    (-658, 0)

    Stronghold :


    • 089D

      and another temple at x=618 y=314
      also another temple in close range in the same desert biome

  7. TheDandyLife

    Thanks for the coords! I have Natura and ExtraBiomesXL active, but I was still able to find 5 villages and 2 temples from the coords y’all provided. Awesome!! 😀 <3

  8. Thunder1Gun9

    I tested it in 1.7.10 and in the stone village near the sandy area theres was a massive ravine going around it worth exploring went down to the bottem and found 36 gold 3 emeralds and 5 diamonds and a few stacks of iron but that was only half an hour of exploring so i recommend this 10 out 10 diamonds:)

  9. Talkside

    Hey guys, i found another village: X:69, Z:569, Y:69 so we have six village’s
    And the abandoned mine shafts: X:753, Z:165, Y:42
    Someone found more intresting things?

  10. Talkside

    Another abandoned mine shafts: X:714, Z:241, Y:39
    Another desert demple: X:618, Z:313
    This is crazy…

  11. DawnOfDragon

    These are the coordinates to what I’ve found so far:
    Desert Temple 1: -493.755/70/94.819
    Desert Temple 2: 10.436/72/359.168
    Desert Temple 3: -356.740/70/-208.521
    Desert Temple 4: -656.058/70/-168.922
    Village 1: 83.2/69/103.975
    Village 2:-413.327/64/70.348
    Village 3: -539.707/67/-253.902
    Village 4: -639.068/66/-164.905
    and a crater at: -968.01/52/-312.647
    I have not yet found the Fifth Village

  12. Kristoffer

    There is a cave with 4 zombie mob spawners really close to each other.
    Please verify, but as i see it, they are here:

    Cave opening:
    (go past the lava flow, not down)

    the spawners are approx here:
    ? (close by – was busy running!)
    ? (close by – was busy running!)

    Some of the mob spawners are part of an abandoned mineshaft – no significant loot though.

    I am on a vanilla setup – except increased gold density (dunno if that changes anything…)

  13. Kristoffer

    There is also 4 mob spawners very near each other.

    There is a cave entrance at -710,61,231


  14. Arthophia

    I found three temples but according to Ryuk’s comment there are more.

  15. Potatomasherjim

    There is a sweet mountain formation with floating islands around it, lavafalls, waterfalls, and overpass. (120, 740)

  16. loracalyn

    I’ve compiled a list that includes the above plus more. I’m playing in version 1.8.8

    639 379 Desert Village
    751 801 Desert Temple
    877 214 Desert Temple
    1135 139 Desert Temple
    1220 -473 Desert Village
    1540 -460 Desert Village
    1697 243 Desert Village
    1639 641 Witch Hut
    1620 770 Village
    2419 821 Village
    1162 -146 Desert Temple
    26 -338 Desert Temple
    -374 -343 Well
    -510 -252 Desert Village
    -358 -202 Desert Village
    -627 -188 Desert Village & Desert Temple
    -686 6 Village
    -502 101 Desert Temple
    -416 85 Desert Village
    117 113 Village
    22 362 Desert Village
    40 597 Village
    -700 1857 Village
    -1193 1844 Village
    -2380 2239 Witch Hut
    -2541 2856 Jungle with Ocelots
    -2203 3271 Desert Village
    -2180 3375 Well
    -1942 3614 Desert Temple
    -1983 3715 Desert Village
    -1490 3642 Desert Temple
    -1647 2604 Jungle with Ocelots
    2094 2103 Taiga with Wolves

    In the Nether
    111 72 191 Nether fortress


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