Seed ID: -6702711125178129264

This awesome new 1.10 seed I found recently has a ton of interesting features. In the new “Frostburn Update”, village generation has been improved significantly and the result means that you can expect to find some really cool villages in the world from now on.

This particular village is made of Acacia Wood. It’s right next to a crater, in fact some buildings of the village are literally growing from inside of it almost like an underground skyscraper or more appropriately an “Earthscraper”.

To top it off, the village is also next to a mushroom forest.

The blacksmith has some loot inside it, but nothing too fancy.

  • Iron Chestplate
  • Iron Leggings
  • Iron Sword

Village coordinates – XYZ: -433 71 116

Tested in Minecraft 1.10 (PC/Mac).

  • Acacia Wood Village with Earthscraper 3
  • Acacia Wood Village with Earthscraper 2
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