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Lava Pool Village

This seed spawns you on a cool map next to an NPC village, and boasting not one, but two lava pools nearby! Within the village, you will find a chest at the blacksmith containing Gold Ingots, some Iron Armor and even some Obsidian to get you on your way to the deep, dark nether!

Seed: Lag=no

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Desert Village for Minecraft 1.4

Feeling lonely on your adventures? Then come and stay at the friendly desert village! Featuring a fully functioning Blacksmith, and a chest containing an Iron Sword and Chestplate. Head towards the desert from the spawn point to find it.

Village Coordinates:
X: 342
Y: 70
Z: 207

Seed: -753548930

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  • desert_village
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Village With Obsidian & Diamonds

Looking for a new home and a fresh start? then you might like this epic minecraft seed, which will spawn you straight in the middle of an NPC village. The blacksmith of this village seems to have been very busy, and has a chest that contains five obsidian and two diamonds. It was found by Alekstudios.

This seed works for minecraft version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Seed: qwop

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  • village-obsidian-diamonds-chest
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