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The Librarian

While looking for seeds today, I stumbled upon a somewhat rare yet interesting one. This seed spawns you next to a single house, with only one villager, the librarian.

What happened to the rest of the villagers? Who knows…

There’s also some horses near the house as well.

Tested in Minecraft 1.9, 1.8 & 1.7 (PC/Mac).
(In 1.7 there’s no horses, but plenty of sheeps, pigs & cows.)

Seed ID:


  • the butcher's house 1
  • the butcher's house 2
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Saddle Up

Do you love riding horses? Then this is the seed for you! It will spawn you next to a village with lots of horses roaming around near it. There is a also a desert temple very close as well.

The special thing about this seed is the loot contained in the desert temple and village blacksmith. In the temple chests there are 4 Diamonds, 15 Gold Ingots, Saddle, Diamond Horse Armor, Gold Horse Armor. And in the village blacksmith there is another Diamond Horse Armor, along with 7 blocks of Obsidian, Iron Leggings & Iron Boots.

Now the only hard part is picking which horse you want to ride!

Tested in Minecraft 1.8 & 1.9.

Seed: 8678942899319966093

  • saddle up 2
  • saddle up 3
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The Mountain

This seed features an enormous epic looking mountain. There’s waterfalls, lava, floating islands, horses, cows, sheep and even a couple of pumpkins thrown in just for good measure.

If you’re feeling a bit lonely you can also visit a village that is close by as well.

This would make a perfect base for any wondering adventurer (or evil villain).

Tested in Minecraft 1.7  & 1.8.

Seed: 3736255817155530355

  • The Mountain
  • The Mountain 3
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