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The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones

This seed will spawn you on the west side of a large jungle island. You will be right next to a jungle temple. That’s pretty cool I guess.. but if it had some kind of epic loot inside it would be a tiny bit better, right?

Well, as it so happens, you’re in luck! Inside the temple chest is 2 diamonds and some bones (probably best not to ask whom those belong to).

Aside from the temple, the island itself would be a great place to set up camp with your newly obtained loot.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8 (PC/Mac).
In other Minecraft versions the temple is still there, but the loot is different.

Seed ID:


  • The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones 3
  • The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones 1
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Minecraft 1.2 Seed: Spawn Inside Dungeon

Looking for a seed with a bit more excitement? Then you might like this one, it will spawn you inside of a dungeon, with a spider spawner and chest. There isn’t much inside the chest, but there are more tunnels to explore outside of the dungeon, and it could be used as a nice underground base. It was found by micr0cell.

This seed is extremely rare, and only works for minecraft version 1.2.

Seed: aaaaaaa

  • spawn_inside_dungeon
  • spawn_inside_dungeon_2
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Minecraft 1.2 Seed: Dungeon Town

You will spawn in an NPC village, next to the jungle. Near the village there is a small crater, dig through the sand and you will find a dungeon with one chest.

But it gets better! You will notice there is another passage way connected to the dungeon, make you way through it and climb down the hole that is to the right of the lava. At the bottom, you will find a dungeon with not one, not two, but three chests!

Seed: -8227252585264349741

  • minecraft-dungeon-town
  • minecraft-dungeon-town_2
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