The Mountain

This seed features an enormous epic looking mountain. There’s waterfalls, lava, floating islands, horses, cows, sheep and even a couple of pumpkins thrown in just for good measure.

If you’re feeling a bit lonely you can also visit a village that is close by as well.

This would make a perfect base for any wondering adventurer (or evil villain).

Tested in Minecraft 1.7  & 1.8.

Seed: 3736255817155530355

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  • The Mountain
  • The Mountain
  • The Mountain 2
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Skyscraper Island

If you’re the adventurous type you might be interested in this amazing seed. You will spawn on top of a tall mountain, which is set on it’s own island. The mountain is so tall that you will be eye-level with the clouds in the sky.

There’s waterfalls, lava flows, and a large creeper filled cave inside the mountain to explore. As an added bonus, there is also an ocean monument nearby as well.

Time to get your hiking boots out!

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

Seed: -969535336

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  • skyscraper island
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Five Villages & Two Desert Temples

A fabulous seed which starts on the borders of the hills and the desert. You will spawn close to five different villages and two desert temples, which leaves you with plenty of opportunities for exploring and looting all the resources you could ever possibly want.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

Seed: -9065479248748140566

  • five villages
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