Winter is coming! This seed will spawn you inside the rare Ice Plains Spikes biome. There’s lots of large icespikes, a river running through it and a snowy mountain.

There’s also an Ocean Monument at XYZ: -344 / 56 / 631.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

Seed: 85490543201

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  • iceworld2
  • iceworld3
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Nine Diamond Desert Temple

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. so this seed must be quite popular with the ladies! It features nine diamonds inside a desert temple that is right next to where you start.

The desert temple is also quite unique because it is located in the middle of several other different biomes that are all next to each other.

Tested in Minecraft 1.8.

Seed: 998538147

  • nine-diamond-desert-temple
  • nine-diamond-desert-temple2
  • nine-diamond-desert-temple1
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The Ocean Monuments

Bored of the same old desert and jungle temples? Then try out the new ocean monument temple that was added in Minecraft 1.8’s snapshot 14w25a.

This seed features two of them, close to the spawnpoint. Watch out for the new mobs around it though, they don’t mess around!

Can you defeat all the guardians inside and complete the monument? Make sure you stack up on Potions of Water Breathing and Potions of Night Vision before you try it!

Ocean Monument 1: x:130, z:-400
Ocean Monument 2: x:-200, z:-250

This seed requires Minecraft 1.8 (this was the patch they were added in).

Seed: -5181140359215069925

  • the_ocean_monuments_1
  • the_ocean_monuments_2
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